Acer Plumbing’s Services

Acer Plumbing services all types of residential and commercial properties. If your service needs are not listed below, please contact us or call at 305-935-4103.

  1. Installation, repair and replacement of the following:
  2. Toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, faucets, and valves
  3. Garbage disposals, icemaker supply lines, Water filters
  4. Water lines, gas lines, and sewer lines
  5. Natural and LP gas piping and repair
  6. Medical gas piping
  7. Pressure regulators

  1. Installation
  2. Cleaning and repair (“snaking”)– to remove unwanted blockages and reinstate original flow
  3. Video camera inspections
  4. High velocity jetting
  5. Smoke test – used to detect the origin of bad odors and broken pipes

  1. Installation, repair and replacement
  2. Gas and electric water heaters
  3. Tankless gas and electric water heaters
  4. Installation and replacement of recirculating pumps

  1. Installation, repair and replacement
  2. Water meter tap and installation
  3. House meters
  4. Irrigation meters split
  5. Backflow Prevention installation, repair, and certification
  6. Water main extension